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Print Isaac and Jacob Bible Quiz (Answers)

Print Isaac and Jacob Bible Quiz (Answers) | Bible Quizzes

Isaac and Jacob Bible Quiz

    • How many brothers did Isaac have? (not including half brothers) (Genesis 22:2)
    • 0
    • Why did the Lord command Abraham to kill Isaac? (Genesis 22:12)
    • to test Abraham's faith and obedience
    • What was Abraham commanded to do to Isaac? (Genesis 22:2)
    • burn him as a sacrifice
    • What stopped Abraham from killing Isaac? (Genesis 22:11-12)
    • an angel of the Lord
    • Abraham commanded that Isaac should not marry a: (Genesis 24:3)
    • Canaanite
    • How would Abraham's servant know which woman would be Isaac's wife? (Genesis 24:14)
    • she would offer to fill him and his camels with water
    • What was the name of Isaac's wife? (Genesis 24:67)
    • Rebekah
    • When Rebekah gave birth to Esau, he was: (Genesis 25:25)
    • covered with red hair
    • Esau was a successful: (Genesis 25:27)
    • hunter
    • Jacob bought Esau's birthright from him with: (Genesis 25:30-34)
    • pottage
    • What did Esau do to cause his parents to grieve? (Genesis 26:34-35)
    • marry outside the covenant
    • Who helped Jacob disguise as Esau in order to get the birthright blessing? (Genesis 27:6-10)
    • Rebekah
    • What was NOT a reason that Jacob was able to deceive Isaac into giving him the birthright blessing? (Genesis 27:1-23)
    • Jacob and Esau were identical twins
    • What did Esau want to do to after Jacob "stole" the birthright? (Genesis 27:41)
    • kill Jacob
    • What object was present in the dream Jacob had after leaving his family?
    • a ladder
    • How long did Jacob serve Laban before he married one of Laban's daughters? (Genesis 29:20-28)
    • 7 years
    • Which of Jacob's wives did he love the most? (Genesis 29:30)
    • Rachel
    • Why did Jacob marry Leah before he married Rachel? (Genesis 29:16,23-28)
    • because Leah was older
    • Why was Rachel envious of Leah? (Genesis 30:1)
    • Rachel was sterile, but Leah had many children
    • What was the name of Jacob's son by Rachel? (Genesis 30:22-24)
    • Joseph
    • Who did Jacob wrestle until the morning? (Genesis 32:25-29)
    • a messenger of God
    • What was Jacob's name changed to? (Genesis 32:28)
    • Israel

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