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Print Bible Quiz: Saul, David and Solomon (Answers)

Print Bible Quiz: Saul, David and Solomon (Answers) | Bible Quizzes

Bible Quiz: Saul, David and Solomon

    • Who was king first?
    • Saul
    • Which Two were father and son?
    • David and Solomon
    • Which king committed adultery with Bathsheba?
    • David
    • Which king had a son named Jonathan?
    • Saul
    • Which king tried to kill one of the other ones?
    • Saul
    • Which king performed a sacrifice instead of waiting for Samuel the prophet to come?
    • Saul
    • How did Saul die?
    • He killed himself with his sword
    • Was king David the same David that killed Goliath?
    • Yes
    • Which king had 1,000 wives and concubines?
    • Solomon
    • Which King made a Temple in Jerusalem?
    • Solomon
    • What does Solomon ask for when God says he can have anything?
    • Wisdom
    • All three Kings were the king of where?
    • Israel
    • In what order did the three serve as King?
    • Saul, David, then Solomon
    • Which King was promised by God that Jesus would be his decedent?
    • David

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