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Show Me Love 1John 3:11-24

John tells us about loving each other and showing love to everyone.He tells us not to be surprised by what people say about us as we show,brotherly unconditional love to each other. John says that if we love God we will follow his commandments

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1.) What did Cain do to Abel?
He murdered him (killed him)
loved him
1John 3:12
2.) Why did he murder Abel?
Because his own actions were evil and his brother's were righteous
He was told to do it
1 John 3: 12
3.) What did Jesus do for us? And why?
He died for us on the cross for us. Because he loved us He laid down his life for us
1 John 3:16
4.) How do you show love to others?
By talking to them
By your actions.
1 John 3:18
5.) Does God know everything about us and is he greater than our hearts
1 John 3:20
6.) How should we treat those that have less than we do?
Show pity and share
1 John 3:16
7.) What did Jesus command us to do?
To love one another as he has commanded us
To love those who love us
1 John 3:23
8.) How do we know that Jesus lives in us?
By the Spirit he gave us
By his word
1 John 3:24
9.) What happens if you have a loving heart ?
You will show compassion to others,through his/her giving to a persons need
1 John 3: 11-24