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Bible Quiz for Kids: Joseph is Taken to Egypt

Have you heard about when Joseph was taken to Egypt? Take this Bible quiz for kids to see how well you remember it!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 3145 times, with an average score of 81.06%

1.) What special gift did Joseph have?
he could turn invisible
he could fly
he had visions and special dreams and he could understand what they meant
he could read the minds of other people
2.) What did Joseph's father Jacob give him?
a sword
a coat of many colors
his special staff
a horse of his own
3.) Joseph was one of how many brothers?
4.) Which of these things did Joseph's brothers NOT do to him?
throw him a surprise party
steal the gift Joseph's father gave him
sell him to slave traders
put him in a pit
5.) To what country did Joseph get taken?