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Bible Quiz for Kids: The Day Jesus Rose Again

Kids - can you get all of these Bible quiz questions right? What do you know about the day Jesus rose again?

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This quiz has been taken 8651 times, with an average score of 77.01%

1.) After Jesus died, what did His friends do to His body?
burn it
put it in a tomb
throw it into the ocean
bury it under the ground
2.) On what day did Jesus come back to life?
the 1st day
the 3rd day
the 365th day
the 10th day
3.) What is it called when a person comes back to life after they have died?
4.) Who did Jesus talk to first after He came back to life?
Mary Magdalene
King David
5.) On which holiday do people celebrate Jesus coming back to life?
St. Patrick's Day
Independence Day