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Bible Quiz: Moses in Egypt

Test your knowledge on the story of the prophet Moses in Egypt in this challenging Bible quiz!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 22883 times, with an average score of 55.63%

1.) Why did the king of Egypt put the children of Israel into bondage?
He wanted to keep them from multiplying; he feared that they could overtake the Egyptians
He hated Jacob and all of his family
He wanted to show the children of Israel that his gods were more powerful than the God of Israel
He was slothful and wanted other people to do his work
Exodus 1:9-10
2.) Which line of Israel's family bore Moses?
Exodus 2:1
3.) Who adopted Moses?
Moses' sister
The daughter of Pharaoh
Exodus 2:10
4.) Why did Moses kill the Egyptian?
The Egyptian hated Moses
The Egyptian was beating a Hebrew
The Egyptian wanted to assassinate Pharaoh
The Egyptian was escaping Pharaoh's palace with stolen goods
Exodus 2:11-12
5.) To where did Moses flee from being punished for killing the Egyptian?
The land of Canaan
The land of Midian
The wilderness
The home of his Hebrew birth mother
Exodus 2:15
6.) Who was Moses' wife?
Pharaoh's daughter
Exodus 2:210
7.) What did God tell Moses to do before approaching the burning bush?
Cover the crown of his head
Take off his shoes
Set aside his staff
Wash his hands
Exodus 3:5
8.) What was Moses' concern about his ability to lead the children of Israel?
He was wicked
He was too young for such a great task
He was crippled
He was slow of speech
Exodus 4:10
9.) Who was to be Moses' spokesperson?
His Hebrew mother
His brother, Aaron
Exodus 4:14-16
10.) What did Aaron turn his rod into?
A whip
A hoe
A sword
A serpent
Exodus 7:10
11.) Each of these creatures plagued Egypt EXCEPT:
Exodus 8
12.) Which of these plagues did the Lord NOT inflict on the Egyptians?
Raining down of hail and fire
Three days of darkness
All cattle die
Boils breaking out on the skin of the people
The transformation of water into blood
Food turning into stones
Exodus 7
13.) What did the children of Israel do to protect their firstborn sons from being killed in the Lord's last plague on Egypt?
Hang a talisman in every window of their homes
Carve a cross into the door of their home
Smear lamb's blood around the door frame
Keep the fireplace burning all night long
Exodus 12:7,13
14.) Which of these food items was NOT included in the Passover feast?
Unleavened bread
Bitter herbs
Exodus 12:8
15.) True or False?: The children of Israel had to suffer from all of the same plagues as the Egyptians did.
False; the Lord put a difference between the Egyptians and the children of Israel
True; the Lord wanted to test the faith and loyalty of the children of Israel
Exodus 11:7
16.) The Lord showed the children of Israel which way to travel in the wilderness by using:
a white ox
the sun (by day) and the moon and stars (by night)
a pillar of cloud (by day) and of fire (by night)
the direction of the wind
Exodus 13:21-22
17.) Through which body of water did the children of Israel pass safely?
The Nile River
The Dead Sea
The Sea of Galilee
The Red Sea
Exodus 13:18