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Bible Quiz: Abram

This Bible quiz tests your knowledge on the ancient prophet Abram. How well do you know his history?

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 3597 times, with an average score of 63.78%

1.) Abram was a descendant of which of Noah's three sons?
Genesis 11:10-26
2.) Who did Abram marry?
Genesis 11:29
3.) What health condition did Abram's wife have?
Genesis 11:30
4.) The Lord commanded Abram to:
Preach the gospel to the Canaanites
Leave his home country for a different land
Lead a militia to destroy the Tower of Babel
Prepare his family for a 10-year famine
Genesis 12:1-3
5.) The Lord promises that if Abram would obey His commandment (Question 4), Abram would:
Become the greatest prophet of all time
Live for hundreds of years
Become the leader of a great nation
Be taken up to heaven to live with God
Genesis 12:1-3
6.) Abram and his family went to Egypt to escape:
The Canaanite politicians
The Babylonian army
Genesis 12:10
7.) Why did Abram think that he would be killed in Egypt?
The Egyptians would be afraid that he would gain too much power
The Egyptians would hate him for preaching about the true God
The Egyptian men would want his wife
The Egyptians would want to steal his riches
Genesis 12:11-13
8.) In order to avoid being killed by the Egyptians, what did Abram tell his wife to do?
Hide him under the cot in their tent
Pretend she was his sister
Tell the Egyptians that he was insane
Bury his gold
Genesis 12:11-13
9.) Why did the Lord plague the Pharaoh's house?
Because Pharaoh wouldn't listen to Abram's warnings
Because Pharaoh stole Abram's property
Because Pharaoh tried to have Abram killed
Because Pharaoh took Abram's wife in as his own wife
Genesis 12:15,17
10.) Throughout his travels in the wilderness, what did Abram do to show his respect for the Lord?
Wrote psalms to praise Him
Carved statues of Him
Covered his head with a special cap
Built altars and made sacrifices
Genesis 12:7-8
11.) Who was Lot?
Abram's son
Abram's brother-in-law
Abram's nephew
Abram's brother
Genesis 11:27
12.) Why did Abram and Lot part?
Lot killed one of Abram's herdsmen
Lot's family slowed Abram's family down too much
They hated each other
There was not enough room for both of their families to live together
Genesis 13:5-6
13.) What did the Lord promise Abram after he and Lot parted?
Abram would never die if he remained faithful
Abram's seed would be as numerous as the dust of the earth
Abram's family would always be protected from Lot's family
Abram's offerings would always be accepted by the Lord
Genesis 13:16
14.) When Abram heard that Lot was captured in the battle of the kinds:
He traveled to Lot's camp and plundered it
He praised the Lord
He rent his clothes and mourned
He rescued Lot and his family
Genesis 14:14-16
15.) Which king blessed Abram?
The king of Sodom
Kind David
King Melchizedek
The kind of Elam
Genesis 14:18-20
16.) When the king of Sodom offered Abram the spoils of the war:
He took a third of it
He took half of it
He wouldn't take any of it
He took all of it
Genesis 14:21-24
17.) What did Abram ask of the Lord?
Genesis 15:1-5
18.) Why did Abram's wife tell him to marry her handmaid, Hagar?
Because the Lord told her to tell Abram this
Because they could obtain children through Hagar
Because Abram convinced her to let him
Because she no longer loved Abram
Genesis 16:2
19.) What was the name of the son of Abram and Hagar?
Genesis 16:11
20.) The Lord commanded Abram, "...walk before me, and be thou ___________."
Genesis 17:1