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About Us

Who are we?

We are the Foundation for the Advancement of Religion Online, a non-profit organization based in the USA. The members of our board include two professors of religion, an attorney who currently champions religious freedom, an internet marketing professional and an Internet business owner. The Foundation was organized in 2009 and holds official 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Religion Resources Online is the official website of the Foundation for the Advancement of Religion Online. Our organization is not affiliated with any specific religion and we always try to provide non biased material, representing each religion in a fair and honest way.

Our Vision

The Foundation for the Advancement of Religion Online is a non-profit foundation that provides resources to help people find religion in their lives. It also exists to aid anyone investigating various major world religious tenets, teachings, claims, and values through the creation of websites. Our hope is to provide objective and or transparent, sourced information and comparisons to aid the investigator in choosing and making contact with his/her chosen religion.

How You Can Help the Cause

Our 501c3 Foundation is funded completely from donations from generous contributors and a small amount from ads on the site. When you donate below, we will send you a receipt with our 501c3 info, so you can claim it as a charitable contribution. Your donation will go to help maintain our Bible trivia and Bible quiz sections and make it possible for us to create new sections of the site (below).

Our upcoming projects during spring and summer of 2014 will be:

  1. A large section on the Beatitudes including a program for people to develop the Beatitude attributes.
  2. We will then create a large section on the scriptures.
  3. We will then create a large Christian movies section with reviews.
Thank you for donating!

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Note: Clicking the "Donate" button above, you will be taken to our Secure Pay Pal donation page. After donating, we will send you a receipt with a copy of our 501c3 information that you can use as a tax write off. Thank you for your generous contribution!

Aside from donations, there are many other ways you can help the cause:

We hope you enjoy your visit on our website. We will do our best to respond quickly to your feedback and we value your comments.

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