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There is prophecy today. There is a prophet on the earth like in ancient times who tells us what God wants us to hear. He helps us to know how to live in a world of shifting values and have a solid anchor in God. He warns us of the ills of society and helps us find peace in a world of confusion.

How did we get a Prophet Today?

To find out about prophets today, we first have to look at how the first prophet was called in modern times. In 1820, with the religious revival in America, there was a young boy named Joseph Smith who wanted to know which church was God's church, because the Bible talks about "One Lord, one faith, one baptism" (Ephesians 4:5). He prayed and was visited by God and Jesus Christ similar to the way the boy prophet Samuel was called in the Bible (See 1 Samuel 3). After years of training, inspiration and revelation, similar to Samuel, he was given the authority of the priesthood of God. The church of Jesus Christ, the same as when Christ was on earth, was restored again to the earth and twelve apostles were also called.

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After the initial prophet, God called other prophets in an unbroken line of authority to the present time. Our prophets lead and guide us today and their teachings can help us safely navigate the challenges of life. There is continual prophecy today that helps us in our lives.

Here are just a few of the prophecies of today given in the past few years:

  • Our Prophet, in the mid 2000s, prophesied and counseled us to get out of debt and get our houses in order because there was a "portent of stormy weather ahead". We now see that in the economic crisis that started in 2008.
  • Prophets have prophesied of increased natural disasters and encouraged us to get food storage and 72 hour kits to be prepared for such disasters.
  • Our Prophet, through revelation from God, established the Perpetual Education Fund so individuals in third-world countries can get an education.
  • Prophets in the past have seen the decay of society coming and have counseled us to have a weekly Family Home Evening to help teach and protect our children against the ills of society.

Chat online with a representative from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to find out more about today's prophet and prophesies.

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