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Greek Orthodox Beliefs

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A spiritual personal substance and as an infinite spirit, He is everywhere at the same time. He is the same unchangeable substance from the beginning.
Holy Ghost
A distinct person of the God-spirit substance. The third person of God which proceeds from God, the Father.
Holy Trinity
Three persons in one: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Of the same spirit-substance. They are undivided, non-confused and equal in all things.
For personal and original sin. All who believe correctly and do good works are benefited. The individual must have confession.
By immersion three times, once for Father, Son, Holy Ghost (once for each) Sprinkling accepted in emergency. Baptisms of other churches accepted if done as above. Infants yes.
Did Christ Organize a Church while on the Earth?
He established a church through the apostles. All are members of the church of Christ who have a true conception of Christ in their hearts, and have been properly baptized.
Believe in miracles as recorded in the Bible anciently and also in present day miracles.
Probable Future Status Of Non-Believers in Christ
All non-believers in Christ will be condemned.
Pre-Existence of Man
God, meaning the Holy Trinity, only had  pre-existence.  All of us were created on this earth by God (spirit).

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