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Christian Movies

Want free Christian movies online? Well, we've got them! Browse through our list of the top best Christian movies on YouTube, watch movies that depict your favorite Bible stories, or learn the gospel by watching movies your whole family will love. This is the best resource for free Christian Movies you will find online!

Christian Movie Reviews Videos About Jesus Christian Movies for Families

Christian Movie Reviews—The 10 Best Christian Movies on the Web!

Below is a list of the best free Christian movies you can find on YouTube and other sources online. Here are the top ten in our collection:

  1. The Touch of the Master's Hand Rating: 97.3% thumbs up (113 reviews)
  2. The Nativity Story Rating: 96.6% thumbs up (3,744 reviews)
  3. The Life of Jesus Christ—Sermon on the Mount, Beatutitudes Rating: 96.4% thumbs up (28 reviews)
  4. The Acts of the Apostles Rating: 96.0% thumbs up (1,570 reviews)
  5. The Gospel of Matthew Rating: 95.6% thumbs up (408 reviews)
  6. What Would Jesus Do? Rating: 95.2% thumbs up (564 reviews)
  7. The Gospel of Luke Rating: 94.7% thumbs up (639 reviews)
  8. JESUS FULL MOVIE—Gospel Book of Matthew Rating: 94.2% thumbs up (69 reviews)
  9. Book of Revelations Rating: 93.5% thumbs up (5,257 reviews)
  10. The Gospel According to Luke Rating: 92.9% thumbs up (790 reviews)

Bible Movies

The Bible is the religious text common to all denominations in the Christian religion. It is filled with exciting stories that teach you how to live a good life and be happy. One great way to study the gospel is to watch these free movies about Bible stories!

The Nativity
Watch this depiction of the glorious night of Christ's birth.
The Story of Ruth
Watch this movie about Ruth and her love for her family.
The Gospel of Luke
Watch the events surrounding Christ's life as recorded by Luke the Evangelist.
The Last Supper
The Last Supper is an important event recorded in the Bible. Watch it now!
He Is Risen
Jesus died for the sins of mankind, but now He lives again!
The Gospel of Matthew
View the events recorded in the Gospel of Matthew.
The Acts of the Apostles
This movie shows what happened to Christ's church after He died.
Jesus is Baptized by John
What happened when Jesus was baptized? Watch this movie to find out!

Christian Movies for Families

Studying the gospel is for everyone! These Christian movies are good for study for every member of your family—adults, youth, and kids alike! These free movies are entertaining and easy to understand and make very good teaching tools.

Stories From The Bible—Moses
Moses helped his people get free from slavery in Egypt. Watch this movie to find out how!
Stories From The Bible—Samson
Samson was the strongest man in all of Palestine. What was the secret of his strength? Watch to find out!
What Would Jesus Do?
When hard times come, all you need to do is ask, "What would Jesus do?"
The Touch of the Master's Hand
Just as a fiddler knows the value of a banged-up violin, God knows the value of each of His children.
Bible Stories for Children—
A Child is Born
Watch this movie to find out what happened on the day Jesus was born.
Bible Stories for Children—
The Baptism of Jesus
Jesus was baptized too. Watch this movie to see how it happened.
Bible Stories for Children—
Jesus Calls His Apostles
When He started His church, Jesus called 12 Apostles. This is how He did it.
Too Saved
Can you ever be too saved?