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Bible Trivia Questions: Who's Who in the Bible?

Page 7

Who was Moses' brother and spokesman?

  1. Joshua
  2. Gideon
  3. Aaron
  4. Eli

Correct Answer: c. Aaron

Who "fought the battle of Jericho"?

  1. Joshua
  2. Moses
  3. Solomon
  4. Elijah

Correct Answer: a. Joshua

Who ascended into heaven at the end of his mortal life on a flaming horse-drawn chariot?

  1. Ephraim
  2. Moses
  3. Abraham
  4. Elijah

Correct Answer: d. Elijah

Who was healed of leprosy after he immersed himself seven times in the Jordan river?

  1. Samuel
  2. Aram
  3. Naaman
  4. Joram

Correct Answer: c. Naaman

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