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Bible Trivia Questions: Who's Who in the Bible?

Page 16

Who gave his tomb to Jesus?

  1. Peter's father-in-law
  2. Joseph of Arimathea
  3. Zacchaeus
  4. Steven

Correct Answer: b. Joseph of Arimathea

Who was swallowed by a big fish before he called Nineveh to repentance?

  1. Joseph
  2. James
  3. John
  4. Jonah

Correct Answer: d. Jonah

Who interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar's troubling dream?

  1. Darius
  2. Daniel
  3. David
  4. Deborah

Correct Answer: b. Daniel

Who interpreted Pharaoh's troubling dreams?

  1. Samuel
  2. Joseph
  3. Daniel
  4. Paul

Correct Answer: b. Joseph

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