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Bible Trivia Questions: Who's Who in the Bible?

Page 10

Who was the mother of Moses?

  1. Haggith
  2. Jochebed
  3. Keziah
  4. Hushim

Correct Answer: b. Jochebed

Who was the sister of Moses?

  1. Jezebel
  2. Miriam
  3. Matred
  4. Peninnah

Correct Answer: b. Miriam

Who would not deny his faith in God despite losing everything he loved in his life?

  1. Elijah
  2. Job
  3. Zebulun
  4. Shem

Correct Answer: b. Job

Who wanted to kill Elijah?

  1. Nebuchadnezzar
  2. Rehoboam
  3. Boaz
  4. Jezebel

Correct Answer: d. Jezebel

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