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Bible Trivia Questions: Random New Testament

Page 9

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Which of these narratives was recorded only by Luke? (Luke 10:1-24)

  1. Jesus raising the daughter of Jairus
  2. Jesus' discussion with Zacchaeus
  3. Jesus appointing and sending forth the Seventy
  4. Jesus being a carpenter

Correct Answer: c. Jesus appointing and sending forth the Seventy

What did Jesus tell Zacchæus was the reason for the coming of the Son of Man? (Luke 19:10)

  1. To clothe the naked
  2. To save the lost
  3. To lift the fallen
  4. To heal the sick

Correct Answer: b. To save the lost

Which of these narratives was recorded only by Luke? (Luke 22:44)

  1. Jesus being fed vinegar
  2. Jesus sweating blood
  3. Jesus being spit upon
  4. Jesus being nailed to the cross

Correct Answer: b. Jesus sweating blood

What parable did Jesus give after speaking with Zacchæus? (Luke 19:12)

  1. The parable of the ten virgins
  2. The parable of the good samaritan
  3. The parable of the pounds
  4. The parable of the prodigal son

Correct Answer: c. The parable of the pounds

Whom do you find more interesting — Luke or Zacchæus? Did you enjoy these trivia questions and answers? Now you've completed this section, you can try our Bible trivia page, or for more hard questions, you might want to stick with the Bible Trivia Questions page. We believe we have one of the best Bible Trivia Games on the internet (and it's free)! For a little feminine power, please see the Women of the Bible Trivia. Finally, you can curl up on the sofa and watch a few Christian movies, or learn some Bible Quotes to show off to friends.