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Bible Trivia Questions: Parables of Jesus

Do you know all of the parables of Jesus? Test your knowledge about His parables with our Bible trivia questions!

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In the parable of the lost sheep, how many sheep were NOT lost? (Luke 15:4)

  1. 12
  2. 1
  3. 3
  4. 99

Correct Answer: d. 99

Which of these parables did Jesus teach? (Luke 15:4)

  1. the hurt sparrow
  2. the wild lion
  3. the lost sheep
  4. the mighty bear

Correct Answer: c. the lost sheep

Why did Christ use parables when teaching? (Matthew 13:13-16)

  1. To make His teachings less boring
  2. To hide the meaning of His teachings from those who wouldn't understand
  3. To make it easier for the uneducated to understand
  4. To confuse the unbelievers

Correct Answer: b. To hide the meaning of His teachings from those who wouldn't understand

When the shepherd found the lost sheep, what did he do with it? (Luke 15:5)

  1. He tied a rope from his waist to the sheep's neck
  2. He broke its leg so that it would not wander again
  3. He carried it on his shoulders
  4. He sacrificed it

Correct Answer: c. He carried it on his shoulders

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