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Bible Trivia Questions: Jesus in the Bible

Page 9

Why did Jesus need to be baptized? (Matthew 3:15)

  1. He needed to fulfill all righteousness
  2. He didn't have the priesthood
  3. He had sinned
  4. He needed more Godly power

Correct Answer: a. He needed to fulfill all righteousness

How was Jesus killed? (Matthew 27:35)

  1. He was poisoned
  2. He was crucified
  3. He was beaten to death
  4. He was executed

Correct Answer: b. He was crucified

In what trade did Jesus work as a young man? (Mark 6:3)

  1. Shipbuilding
  2. Carpentry
  3. Farming
  4. Metalwork

Correct Answer: b. Carpentry

By what method was Jesus baptized? (Mark 1:10)

  1. being covered completely in water
  2. being washed with a wet cloth
  3. sprinkling water on the head
  4. drinking blessed water

Correct Answer: a. being covered completely in water

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Have you ever thought of the significance of Jesus being baptized by being covered completely with water? We hope you are learning a lot and expanding your mind as you go through these Bible Trivia Questions. If you're in a holiday mood, you might want to try our Easter Bible Trivia or Christmas Bible Trivia. Another favorite is the Bible Stories part of our website.