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Bible Trivia Questions: Jesus in the Bible

Page 8

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What was the name of Jesus' earthly brother? (Galatians 1:19)

  1. Cephas
  2. James
  3. Joseph
  4. Peter

Correct Answer: b. James

Why was John confused when Jesus came to him to be baptized? (Matthew 3:14)

  1. John felt unworthy to baptize the Savior
  2. Jesus had already been baptized
  3. Jesus was perfect
  4. John had not been baptized yet

Correct Answer: a. John felt unworthy to baptize the Savior

What "material" was used by the soldiers to make a crown for Jesus to wear? (Matthew 27: 29)

  1. thorns
  2. flowers
  3. iron
  4. rope

Correct Answer: a. thorns

How was John the Baptist related to Jesus? (Luke 1:36, 57-60)

  1. Second cousin
  2. Cousin
  3. Uncle
  4. Brother

Correct Answer: a. Second cousin

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What would it have been like to be John the Baptist and be Jesus' cousin — or even his brother? Before reading the trivia Questions above, did you realize Jesus had a brother and a cousin? There are hundreds more questions in the Bible Trivia Questions section of the website. You can learn more about the women in Jesus' life and in the Bible with the Women of the Bible Trivia section. For some great flicks, be sure and try our Christian Movies page.