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Bible Trivia Questions: Jesus in the Bible

Page 7

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What happened immediately after Peter denied Christ three times? (Matthew 26:74)

  1. Peter fell dead
  2. the grounds shook
  3. a flower bloomed
  4. a rooster crowed

Correct Answer: d. a rooster crowed

"And Jesus increased in wisdom and ___________, and in favour with God and man." (Luke 2:52)

  1. righteousness
  2. stature
  3. grace
  4. knowledge

Correct Answer: b. stature

John said he baptized with water, and that Jesus Christ would baptize with... (Luke 3:16)

  1. peace
  2. fire and the Holy Ghost
  3. His word
  4. the blessings of the priesthood

Correct Answer: b. fire and the Holy Ghost

What did Pontius Pilate do to show that he was not responsible for Jesus' death? (Matthew 27:24)

  1. give Jesus his robe
  2. weep
  3. release Jesus
  4. wash his hands

Correct Answer: d. wash his hands

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