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Bible Trivia Questions: Jesus in the Bible

Page 3

This page is part of the Bible Trivia section of the site

What was John the Baptist's clothing made of? (Matthew 3:4)

  1. flax
  2. camel hair
  3. eagle feathers
  4. rabbit skins

Correct Answer: b. camel hair

What did Jesus say the sacramental bread symbolizes? (Matthew 26:26)

  1. the fish that swallowed Jonah
  2. His body
  3. the ark of the covenant
  4. Noah's ark

Correct Answer: b. His body

What event brought Joseph and Mary to Jerusalem once a year? (Luke 2:41)

  1. The feast of the passover
  2. The census
  3. Tax collection
  4. Rededication of the tabernacle

Correct Answer: a. The feast of the passover

What was John the Baptist's diet? (Matthew 3:4)

  1. locusts and honey
  2. leavened bread and lamb
  3. dove and barley
  4. meal and berries

Correct Answer: a. locusts and honey

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So, how would you like to have clothes made out of camel hair like John the Baptist. That is a pretty interesting trivia question if I do say so myself. View our full range of Bible Trivia Questions (there are around 600 questions rated at a "difficult" level). One of the favorite pages on our site is Women of the Bible Trivia. Some people also like to study more in-depth about different types of religion like Islam, Presbyterian or Mormon beliefs.