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Bible Trivia Questions: Jesus in the Bible

Page 10

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What natural disaster occurred following Jesus' death? (Matthew 27:51)

  1. a flood
  2. an earthquake
  3. a fire
  4. a tornado

Correct Answer: b. an earthquake

What form did the Holy Ghost take following Jesus' baptism? (Luke 3:22)

  1. a dove
  2. a wild ram
  3. a lion
  4. a lamb

Correct Answer: a. a dove

Who rolled away the stone in front of Jesus' tomb? (Matthew 28:2)

  1. Peter
  2. James
  3. John
  4. an angel

Correct Answer: d. an angel

Whose voice could be heard from heaven following Jesus' baptism? (Matthew 3:17)

  1. Esaias
  2. God the Father
  3. Adam
  4. Moses

Correct Answer: b. God the Father

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Did you know that Bible trivia question about the natural disaster a Jesus' death? We hope you're learning a lot with our Bible Trivia Questions. Since this quiz is closely related to the resurrection of Jesus, we recommend that you try the Easter Bible Trivia page. You can also watch a movie about Jesus' resurrection on our Christian Movies page. You can find a full list of our religious resources on our home page.