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Bible Trivia Questions: Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob

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Abraham commanded that Isaac should not marry a: (Genesis 24:3)

  1. Egyptian
  2. Israelite
  3. Canaanite
  4. Ishmaelite

Correct Answer: c. Canaanite

The Lord promised that if Abram would obey His commandment to leave for a different land, Abram would: (Genesis 12:1-3)

  1. Become the greatest prophet of all time
  2. Become the leader of a great nation
  3. Live for hundreds of years
  4. Be taken up to live with God

Correct Answer: b. Become the leader of a great nation

How would Abraham's servant know which woman would be Isaac's wife? (Genesis 24:14)

  1. she would sing and dance for him
  2. she would be working in the fields when he met her
  3. she would offer to fill him and his camels with water
  4. he would be told in a dream

Correct Answer: c. she would offer to fill him and his camels with water

Abram and his family went to Egypt to escape... (Genesis 12:10)

  1. The Babylonian army
  2. Robbers
  3. The Canaanite politicians
  4. Famine

Correct Answer: d. Famine

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