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Old Testament Stories—Bible Trivia for Youth

How familiar are you with the Old Testament stories? You can find out by using this great Bible trivia for youth! If these questions are a little too tricky, you can always check out our Bible trivia for kids.

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Why were Joseph's brothers jealous of Joseph? (Genesis 37:4)

  1. their father loved him more than them and gave him a nice gift
  2. he was more successful than they were
  3. he was taller than them
  4. he was the oldest

Correct Answer: a. their father loved him more than them and gave him a nice gift

Who was king first?

  1. Saul
  2. Solomon
  3. David

Correct Answer: a. Saul

What did Joseph's father give him? (Genesis 37:3)

  1. his harp
  2. a herd of cattle
  3. half of his money
  4. a coat of many colors

Correct Answer: d. a coat of many colors

Which two were father and son?

  1. Saul and Solomon
  2. Saul and David
  3. David and Solomon
  4. Noah and Benjamin

Correct Answer: c. David and Solomon

We hope you enjoyed this Bible trivia for youth about Old Testament stories! Looking for more? Check out our Bible trivia for kids and our other Bible trivia questions! Or, try out our Bible trivia game!