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Bible Trivia for Kids: Stories about Jesus - Page 3

In this Bible trivia for kids lesson, you will find out about the death of Jesus. This kids trivia section is part of a much larger Bible trivia section of the website. Try the following page if you'd like to watch a Christian movie.

On what day after His death did Jesus rise again?

  1. the 1st
  2. the 3rd
  3. the 100th
  4. the 1000th

Correct Answer: b. the 3rd

Who pushed the stone away from Jesus' tomb?

  1. Peter
  2. angels
  3. a soldier
  4. Mary

Correct Answer: b. angels

Which of these miracles did Jesus NOT perform?

  1. Flying
  2. Walking on water
  3. Healing the sick
  4. Raising the dead

Correct Answer: a. Flying

How did wicked people kill Jesus?

  1. they threw Him off of a cliff
  2. they hung Him on a cross
  3. they threw Him into the ocean
  4. the starved Him

Correct Answer: b. they hung Him on a cross