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Bible Trivia for Kids: Noah, Daniel and Friends

Page 4

On this Bible trivia for kids page, you'll learn if Daniel survived the lion's den or died! We hope he survived!

What did King Darius do first thing in the morning after Daniel was in the lion's den?

  1. he ate a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs
  2. he had some pancakes and strawberry syrup
  3. he called his royal smart people to come
  4. he went to Daniel to see if we was alive

Correct Answer: d. he went to Daniel to see if we was alive

What did the dove bring back to Noah

  1. a lost toy
  2. a rock
  3. an olive branch
  4. a piece of bread

Correct Answer: c. an olive branch

How did King Darius feel when he found out Daniel survived the lion's den?

  1. he was angry
  2. he was happy
  3. he was bored
  4. he yelled at the queen

Correct Answer: b. he was happy

What did God put in the sky after the flood to tell Noah that He would never flood the earth?

  1. a whirly cloud
  2. an eagle
  3. an airplane
  4. a rainbow

Correct Answer: d. a rainbow

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