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Bible Trivia for Kids: Noah, Daniel and Friends

Page 2

Are you learning a lot about Noah, Daniel and Friends through this Bible trivia for kids page? Soon you'll learn how each one was saved.

What king made the law against praying?

  1. King Darius
  2. King Bob
  3. King Henry the Eighth
  4. King Cole

Correct Answer: a. King Darius

How did God tell Noah that he could escape God's punishment?

  1. build a large boat
  2. start a new business
  3. save up money
  4. make a house out of stones

Correct Answer: a. build a large boat

Why did the king make a law against praying?

  1. Bad men, who didn't like Daniel, tricked the king
  2. He had a bad dream
  3. Elmo told him to
  4. Because he was sick

Correct Answer: a. Bad men, who didn't like Daniel, tricked the king

How many of each animal did God tell Noah to save?

  1. 20
  2. 2
  3. 200
  4. 2000

Correct Answer: b. 2

The Bible trivia on this page directly corresponds to a Bible quiz for kids: God Saves Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego | Noah and the Flood

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