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Bible Trivia for Kids: Moses, David and Goliath

Page 5

Have you learned a bunch about Moses, David and Goliath on this Bible trivia questions for kids page? This part of our site is part of the larger Bible trivia section of the site.

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What talked to Moses?

  1. a group of rocks
  2. the ocean
  3. a burning bush
  4. the clouds

Correct Answer: c. a burning bush

What did Moses turn his staff into in front of Pharaoh?

  1. a piece of candy
  2. a gun
  3. a snake
  4. a blanket

Correct Answer: c. a snake

What did David use to kill Goliath?

  1. a red rider BB gun
  2. a bear trap
  3. poison
  4. a sling and stone

Correct Answer: d. a sling and stone

What did Moses turn the water in Egypt into?

  1. blood
  2. Kool-aid
  3. ice
  4. sand

Correct Answer: a. blood

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