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Bible Trivia for Kids: Moses, David and Goliath

Page 4

How do you like Moses, David and Goliath so far? For more kid's trivia, try the Bible trivia questions for kids page? For more topics on different levels, try the Bible trivia section of the website.

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Who killed a giant?

  1. David
  2. Bart
  3. Eric
  4. Aaron

Correct Answer: a. David

What happened when Pharaoh didn't listen to Moses when he told him to let his people go?

  1. God made an earthquake
  2. God sent plagues
  3. God sent a flood
  4. God killed him

Correct Answer: b. God sent plagues

On the first Passover, Moses' people put the blood of what animal on their door frames?

  1. a lamb
  2. a dinosaur
  3. a hamster
  4. a flying fish

Correct Answer: a. a lamb

What was the name of the giant David killed?

  1. Harrison
  2. Mickey
  3. Goliath
  4. the Jolly Green Giant

Correct Answer: c. Goliath

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