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Bible Trivia for Kids: The Life of Jesus and the 12 Apostles

Page 10

This section is found in the Bible trivia for Kids section of the website. You can go to that section any time for more great trivia for children.

What is it called when a person comes back to life after they have died?

  1. discombobulation
  2. resurrection
  3. confrontation
  4. transfiguration

Correct Answer: b. resurrection

How did the people kill Jesus?

  1. they starved Him
  2. they nailed him to a wooden cross
  3. they threw Him off a cliff
  4. they drowned Him

Correct Answer: b. they nailed him to a wooden cross

Who did Jesus talk to first after He came back to life?

  1. King David
  2. Abraham
  3. Moses
  4. Mary Magdalene

Correct Answer: d. Mary Magdalene

Why did Jesus let the people kill him?

  1. it was part of God's plan for saving His children
  2. He was tired of living
  3. He was too weak to fight back
  4. He wanted to prove a point

Correct Answer: a. it was part of God's plan for saving His children

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