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Bible Trivia for Kids: Esther and Job

Page 2

To become more intelligent, try the Bible Trivia for Kids lessons.

Try our fun Bible trivia game for ages 5 and up.

Esther was a:

  1. Jew
  2. jump roping champion
  3. superhero
  4. basketball star

Correct Answer: a. Jew

Who gave Satan permission to do bad things to Job?

  1. God
  2. Ronald McDonald
  3. King Tut
  4. George Washington

Correct Answer: a. God

Who was Mordecai?

  1. Esther's loving uncle
  2. King Ahasuerus' DJ
  3. Persia's best dentist
  4. Jerusalem's ping pong champion

Correct Answer: a. Esther's loving uncle

What happened to Job's servants who were with his oxen?

  1. they got attacked and killed by a group of people
  2. they turned into pigs
  3. they forgot everything
  4. they grew wings

Correct Answer: a. they got attacked and killed by a group of people

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