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Bible Trivia for Kids: Creation, Adam and Eve

Page 4

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On what day of the creation did God rest?

  1. the 7th
  2. the 1st
  3. the 100th
  4. He didn't rest

Correct Answer: a. the 7th

How was the Earth created?

  1. God made it
  2. it formed by itself
  3. the Earth wasn't created; it has always existed
  4. God asked people from another planet to build it

Correct Answer: a. God made it

Who did the serpent tempt in the garden of Eden?

  1. Sue
  2. Gertrude
  3. Wendy
  4. Eve

Correct Answer: d. Eve

What did God do first?

  1. make animals
  2. make plants
  3. make cheeseburgers

Correct Answer: b. make plants

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