LBC Catch-up Bible Quiz

    • What is the main difference between "being filled with the Holy Spirit" and " the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit?"
    • Being filled can be done repeatedly and indwelling happens only once.
    • During the "Road to Emmaus" story, the two disciples were explaining to Jesus that "We trusted that it had been he which should redeem Israel". In other words, they thought:
    • That Jesus should come in and overthrow the Romans and that Israel should take its rightful place as a kingdom again.
    • According to Luke 24:39-43, what two things did Jesus do to prove to His disciples who He really was? (Luke 24:39-43)
    • He offered His body to be handled and He ate physical food.
    • Which of the following is NOT another name for Pentecost? (Leviticus 23)
    • Passover