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Cain and Abel Bible Quiz

Test your knowledge on the story of Cain and Abel in this online Bible Quiz.

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 9205 times, with an average score of 56.74%

1.) Who was Eve's first child?
Genesis 4:1
2.) What was Cain's profession?
Genesis 4:2
3.) What was Abel's profession?
Genesis 4:2
4.) Why did Cain become angry?
Cain wanted to marry Abel's wife
Abel was favored by his parents more than Cain was
The Lord accepted Abel's offering but not Cain's
Cain was jealous of Abel's success
Genesis 4:3-5
5.) What DOESN'T the Lord tell Cain when Cain is angry?
That if Cain is righteous, the Lord will accept him
The Lord tells Cain both these things
That if Cain is not righteous, he will fall to sin
Genesis 4:7
6.) After Cain murders Abel, what is the first thing the Lord asks Cain?
What hast thou done?
Where is Abel thy brother?
Why didst thou so this thing?
Who killed thy brother?
Genesis 4:9
7.) Because Cain murdered Abel, the Lord curses him to a life as a:
Genesis 4:12
8.) What was Cain's biggest worry concerning the Lord's curse on him?
Everyone would want to kill him
Everyone would despise him
Everyone would laugh at him
Everyone would avoid him
Genesis 4:13-14
9.) The Lord declared that if Cain were to be killed:
The entire family of Cain's murderer would be killed
Cain's murderer would be sentenced to the same punishment
Cain would be avenged seven times over
Cain's murderer would be hunted as Cain was hunted
Genesis 4:15
10.) Why did the Lord set a mark on Cain?
So that people would know to persecute him
So that people would recognize him and not kill him
So that he would be humiliated
So that people would recognize him and kill him
Genesis 4:15
11.) How was Cain's punishment similar to the punishment of his parents, Adam and Eve?
God would send Cain to hell
He gained more knowledge
He was separated from God
God hated him from then on
Genesis 4:16
12.) Where did Cain dwell after being cast out by the Lord?
Genesis 4:16
13.) Cain built a city and named it after his son. What was the name of this city?
Genesis 4:17
14.) How did God say He knew what Cain had done?
He was watching Cain from behind a bush
Adam told Him
Lucifer told the Lord what Cain had done
Abel's blood cried to the Lord from the ground
Genesis 4:10
15.) Which of these were NOT part of God's curse on Cain?
He would have poor harvests all his life
He would be separated from the Lord
He would be a wanderer for life
His first-born son and those of his descendants would all be born malformed
Genesis 4:11-14