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The Good Samaritan

A short quiz about the parable of The Good Samaritan

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This quiz has been taken 372 times, with an average score of 62.31%

1.) Who was the first person to walk past the Jewish man who had been hurt?
The Priest
The Levite
The Samaritan
2.) What road was the man walking on?
the road between Jerusalem and Jericho
The road between Bethlehem and Jericho
The road between Jerusalem and Bethlehem
The road between Ninevah and Jericho
3.) What was so different between the Jewish man and the Samaritan?
The had different jobs
They had different beliefs
4.) Why was it such a surprise that the Samaritan helped the man?
The Samaritan actually attacked the man
Normally, Samaritans and Jews didn't get along
The Jewish man told the Samaritan he didn't need any help
The Samaritan was a nasty man
5.) Where did the Samaritan actually take the man?
A shop to get supplies
A field
The nearest inn
A hospital
6.) What did they buy?
Water and food
Some clothes
Bandages, oils and wine
7.) What did the Samaritan show to the Jewish man?
His donkey
His lovely new clothes
8.) How many people past by the injured man before the Samaritan helped him?
9.) Who was the man attacked by?
A Traveller
Another Jewish man
A priest
10.) How much money did the Good Samaritan leave to take care of the wounded man? Use the bible reference Luke 10- 35 to find the answer
A pound
A bag of silver
Two pieces of gold
Two pence