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Water Baptism

This quiz is an easy resource to test your memory of bible verses related to water baptism.

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This quiz has been taken 409 times, with an average score of 77.7%

1.) Who Baptized Jesus?
John the Baptist
Matthew 3:13-16
2.) What descended upon Jesus after He was baptized?
The Holy Spirit
Matthew 3:16
3.) Name (2) things that occur when you are water baptized
crucified with Him, Buried in death with Him, Resurrected into new life with Him
your flesh is cleaned
Good exercise
your clothes are cleaned
Romans 6:3-5
4.) What do you need to do to have a new life in Christ (Born again)?
go back inside the womb of your mother
sing well
Repent, ABCs (Accept, Believe, Confess), Water Baptized, and Baptism of the Holy Spirit
dress nice
Acts 2:38
5.) Name (2) things buried in the grave through water baptism
your belongings
your sins, death, eternal separation, old heart
Colossians 2:11-13