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Bible Quiz: Joseph in Egypt (Easy)

In this easy Bible quiz, test yourself on the story of Joseph in Egypt. Learn more about this great ancient prophet!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 3878 times, with an average score of 74.43%

1.) Why were Joseph's brothers jealous of Joseph?
he was taller than them
he was the oldest
their father loved him more than them and gave him a nice gift
he was more successful than they were
Genesis 37:4
2.) What did Joseph's father give him?
half of his money
a coat of many colors
his harp
a herd of cattle
Genesis 37:3
3.) What did Joseph's brothers do to him?
sell him as a slave
give him some of their own money
tie him to a tree
throw him into the sea
Genesis 37:28
4.) Why did Joseph get sent to prison?
he killed a fellow servant
he argued with Pharaoh
Potiphar's wife said he tried to commit adultery with her
he stole from Potiphar's house
Genesis 39:14
5.) Whose dream did Joseph interpret?
Potiphar's wife
his father's
the prison guard's
Genesis 41:15
6.) What did the dream Joseph interpreted mean?
Egypt would be overtaken by Syria
Pharaoh would be murdered on his throne
Egypt would be afflicted with a famine
Egypt would be destroyed unless its people repented
Genesis 41:30
7.) How did Joseph help Egypt following the interpretation of this dream?
he became the captain of the entire Egyptian army
he taught other Egyptians how to interpret dreams
he created a food storage system
he built a wall around the Egyptian capital
Genesis 41:48
8.) When Joseph saw his brothers again, he ____________:
forgave them.
refused them.
threw them all in prison.
killed them.
Genesis 45:15