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Bible Quiz: The Good Samaritan

This quiz requires one to read the book of Luke chapter 10 verses 25-37. It is basic knowledge of the parable Jesus told the lawyer as he asked Jesus some questions.

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 1780 times, with an average score of 55.66%

1.) Where was the traveler coming from in the story?
Luke 10:25-37
2.) Where was the traveler traveling to?
The store
Luke 10:25-37
3.) What happened to the traveler on this road?
He met some friends
He got home and rested
He was robbed and beaten
He found some money
Luke 10:25-37
4.) The first person to see this traveler was______, and he_______.
A lawyer; took him home
A doctor; fixed him up
A friend; called the doctor
A priest; walked by him
Luke 10:25-37
5.) The next person to see this man was ________, and he _______.
A giant; crushed him
A Levite; walked by him
A doctor; took him to the hospital
A dog; licked his sores
Luke 10:25-37
6.) The next person to see this man was ________, and he _______.
A priest; prayed for him
A Levite; carried him to the next town
Jesus; healed him and told him to go home
A Samaritan; cleaned him up and put him on his donkey
Luke 10:25-37
7.) The person in Question (6) then:
Paid an innkeeper to take care of him until he returned
Covered him up with a sheet while he was still in the road
Wanted to help, but then decided that they would not help him
Decided to put him back on the side of the road
Luke 10:25-37
8.) The meaning of this story is:
To treat your neighbor as yourself
To be mean to people who do not help you
To always know someones name
To walk away when someone is hurt
Luke 10:25-37
9.) ______ told this story to _______ to answer the question that was asked.
Jesus; a lawyer
Moses; Abraham
A priest; a man
A doctor; Jesus
Luke 10:25-37