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David and Goliath Bible Quiz

Do you know the story of David & Goliath? Take this Bible quiz to find out!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 5129 times, with an average score of 76.15%

1.) What was David's occupation before he faced Goliath?
1 Samuel 16:11
2.) Why did the Israelite army fear Goliath so much?
he had three arms
he was the smartest man in the land
he was a giant
he was the king of the Philistines
1 Samuel 17:4
3.) Who challenged Goliath?
4.) Why did David want to kill Goliath?
to show off to his older brothers
to win the hand of King Saul's daughter
to free Israel and stand up for God
to get money
5.) Why was David so confident that he could kill Goliath?
he knew he could outwit Goliath
he had God on his side
he had a secret weapon
he was wearing more armor than Goliath was
1 Samuel 17:46
6.) How did David kill Goliath?
he lured him into a den of lions
with a sling and stone
he stabbed him with a spear
he fed him poison in the night
1 Samuel 17:50