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Bible Quiz: The Fall of Adam and Eve

In this Bible quiz, test your knowledge on the Biblical story of the fall of Adam and Eve.

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This quiz has been taken 17165 times, with an average score of 61.58%

1.) Where did Adam and Eve live?
Genesis 2:8
2.) Which two trees grew in the midst of the garden?
The tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of joy and despair
The tree of death and the tree of joy and despair
The tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil
The tree of life and the tree of death
Genesis 2:9
3.) Which tree bore fruit that God forbade Adam and Eve to partake of?
The tree of knowledge of good and evil
The tree of death
The tree of joy and despair
The tree of life
Genesis 2:16-17
4.) What would NOT happen to anyone who would partake of such fruit?
They would know for themselves the difference between right and wrong
They would die
They would become all-knowing
They would be able to bear children
Genesis 3:16-19
5.) What animal deceived Eve?
A crow
A wolf
A fox
A serpent
Genesis 3:1-6
6.) The animal who deceived Eve represents:
The spirits of Eve's unborn children
Genesis 1:20-23
7.) What did the deceptive animal convince Eve to do?
Kill an animal
Leave Adam
Partake of the forbidden fruit
Blaspheme against the Lord
Genesis 3:1-6
8.) What did Adam do after Eve obeyed the animal and transgressed against the Lord's commandment?
He forgave her
He condemned her
He also transgressed against the Lord's commandment
He exiled her
Genesis 3:6
9.) Why did Adam hide himself from the Lord?
He was ashamed of his wife's transgression
He wanted the Lord to prove to him that He can see all
He wanted to see if he could outwit the Lord
He was embarrassed because he realized he was naked
Genesis 3:10
10.) What did the Lord NOT do as a result of the disobedience of Adam and Eve?
Cast them out of Eden and His presence
Kill them instantly
Cause them to work the ground for food
Give them the ability to feel emotion
Genesis 3:16-19
11.) How did God curse the animal that deceived Eve?
He bound it to the skies and forbade it to ever perch and rest
He caused it to be constantly hunted by all other animals
He forced it to live on the ground and in the dust
He sent it to live under the ground and never see light
Genesis 3:14
12.) What does Eve's name mean?
Mother of death
Mother of knowledge
Blessed mother
Mother of all living
Genesis 3:20
13.) How did God say mankind was similar to Him?
They would live forever
They could feel joy and sorrow
They could create life
They could know good from evil
Genesis 3:22
14.) Why did God protect the tree of life?
To ensure that He could never be destroyed
So that Adam and Eve would not lose the ability to bear children
So that man would live forever
So that man couldn't obtain a means to live forever
Genesis 3:22
15.) What did God place at the east of the garden of Eden to guard the tree of life?
Cherubims and a flaming sword
A dragon with seven heads
A seraph with six wings
A pit of poisonous serpents
Genesis 3:24
16.) What did the Lord do for Adam and Eve before He exiled them?
He clothed them
He armed them with weapons
He allowed them to rest
He fed them
Genesis 3:21