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Bible Quiz for Kids: Jesus is Killed

Take this kids' Bible quiz about Jesus being killed and how much you really know.

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 2747 times, with an average score of 76.93%

1.) How did Jesus get captured?
He got caught in a trap
soldiers came into His room while He was sleeping
one of His Apostles betrayed Him
a mob of people cornered Him in an alley
2.) Which of these things did wicked people NOT do to Jesus?
make Him dance in front of a crowd of people
whip Him
spit on Him
put a crown made out of thorns on His head
3.) Why did the leaders of Jerusalem want Jesus to die?
He stole things from them
He tried to kill them
they didn't like Him
He said false things about them
4.) How did the people kill Jesus?
they drowned Him
they nailed him to a wooden cross
they threw Him off a cliff
they starved Him
5.) Why did Jesus let the people kill him?
He was tired of living
He was too weak to fight back
it was part of God's plan for saving His children
He wanted to prove a point