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Bible Quiz for Kids: Jesus is Baptized

Take this Bible quiz for kids about Jesus being baptized now!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 4277 times, with an average score of 75.63%

1.) Who baptized Jesus?
John the Baptist
Peter the Rock
David the King
Moses the Deliverer
2.) Why did the man who baptized Jesus think it was strange that Jesus wanted to be baptized?
He knew Jesus was perfect
He thought Jesus was supposed to be baptized by someone else
He thought that baptism was only for women
He thought Jesus was afraid of water
3.) Where was Jesus baptized?
the Red Sea
the Jordan River
the Arctic Ocean
the Pool of Bethesda
4.) What animal landed on Jesus after He came up out of the water?
a dove
a rabbit
a lizard
a frog
5.) Whose voice was heard after Jesus came up out of the water?
God, Jesus' Father