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Bible Quiz for Kids: Teachings of Jesus

Take this kids' Bible quiz about the teachings of Jesus!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 3521 times, with an average score of 66.13%

1.) What did Jesus say you should do if someone slaps your cheek?
let them slap your other cheek
get revenge without slapping them back
fight back
call them mean names
2.) Who did Jesus say we should pray to?
his mother, Mary
The Father
3.) How does Jesus want us to treat others?
better than we would treat Him
like we are better than them
the way we would want to be treated
Jesus says we shouldn't worry about being nice or mean to other people
4.) What does Jesus say is the most important commandment?
love your pets
love your friends
love God
love your family
5.) What did Jesus teach about little children?
to ignore them
to be mean to them
to be like them
to hurt them