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Bible Quiz for Kids: Joseph Helps Save Egypt

How did Joseph help save Egypt? Take this Bible quiz for kids to answer that question!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 2618 times, with an average score of 74.72%

1.) What lie did Potiphar's wife say about Joseph?
he had mistreated her
he was the prince of a kingdom in another country
he tried to kill Pharaoh
he stole some of Potiphar's jewelry
2.) What did Pharaoh's dream mean?
the world would end in 15 years
there would be 7 years of good harvest then 7 years of little rain
Jesus was coming soon
Joseph would become the next Pharaoh
3.) What did Pharaoh make Joseph in charge of?
preparing Egypt for years of little rain
teaching the people how to read Hebrew
the new year's day feast
helping everyone dig a well in their backyards
4.) Who came to Egypt to ask for food from Joseph?
his pastor
an angel
his brothers
his high school teacher
5.) How did Joseph treat his family after years of not being able to see them?
he never wanted to talk to them again
he forgave them
he killed them all
he told them they were crazy