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Bible Quiz for Kids: Noah and the Flood

Do you know the story of Noah in the Bible? Quiz yourself about Noah and the flood now! This is a kids' level quiz.

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 3103 times, with an average score of 75.44%

1.) What did Noah tell the people to do?
go to war
make him a nicer place to live
build a library
2.) What did God say He would do because the people wouldn't listen to Noah?
make an earthquake
send a flood
stop the earth from getting rain
start a wildfire
3.) How did God tell Noah that he could escape God's punishment?
start a new business
build a large boat
make a house out of stones
save up money
4.) How many of each animal did God tell Noah to save?
5.) What did God put in the sky to tell Noah that He would never punish the world in the same way ever again?
an eagle
a jet
a rainbow
a cloud shaped like a cross