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Bible Quiz: Parables of the Lost

Test your knowledge of Jesus' parables of the lost by taking this Bible quiz!

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 7726 times, with an average score of 62.25%

1.) In the parable of the lost sheep, how many sheep were NOT lost?
Luke 15:4
2.) When the shepherd found the lost sheep, what did he do with it?
He sacrificed it
He broke its leg so that it would not wander again
He carried it on his shoulders
He tied a rope from his waist to the sheep's neck
Luke 15:5
3.) How did the shepherd react when he found the sheep?
He was surprised
He was sorrowful
He rejoiced
He was angry
Luke 15:6
4.) In the parable of the lost coin, how many coins were NOT lost?
Luke 15:8
5.) The woman's lost coin was made of:
Luke 15:8
6.) In the parable of the prodigal son, how did the son obtain his money?
He worked for it
He inherited it from his father
He found it buried in the ground
He stole it from his brother
Luke 15:12
7.) How did the son lose his money?
He wasted it
It was stolen from him
He misplaced it
His stocks crashed
Luke 15:13
8.) What did the poor son have to eat?
the grass
locusts and honey
the food meant for the swine
dry bread
Luke 15:16
9.) Upon the prodigal son's return, how did his father receive him?
The father disowned him
The father was angrily cursed at him
The father quietly chastized him
The father joyfully welcomed him
Luke 15:20
10.) What did the father bring for the prodigal son upon his return?
a robe and a ring
a girdle of sackcloth
a piece of bread and a cup of water
a cap and a tunic
Luke 15:22
11.) Who was jealous of the prodigal son?
the prodigal son's mother
the prodigal son's father
the father's head servant
the prodigal son's brother
Luke 15:25
12.) To whom did Jesus tell these parables?
to the Pharisees and scribes
to the Sadducees and publicans
to His apostles
to the woman taken in adultery
Luke 15:2
13.) What can we learn from Jesus' parables of the lost sheep, coin, and son?
God will destroy those who leave His church
God will disown all those who wander away from His gospel
God loves only His children who are faithful to Him
God loves all of His children and wants them to repent and return to Him
Luke 15:7