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LBC Catch-up Bible Quiz

The LBC Catch-UP Bible Quiz - Based on Sunday School lessons in March and April 2013

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1.) What is the main difference between "being filled with the Holy Spirit" and " the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit?"
Being indwelt by the Holy Spirit can only happen at Pentecost while being filled can only happen after Pentecost.
Being filled can be done repeatedly and indwelling happens only once.
There are no differences; they both mean the same.
Being filled happens only once and indwelling can happen many times.
2.) During the "Road to Emmaus" story, the two disciples were explaining to Jesus that "We trusted that it had been he which should redeem Israel". In other words, they thought:
That Jesus' death should redeem Israel to the Romans.
That the Romans would re-negotiate with Jesus on the Jew's behalf.
That Jesus should come in and overthrow the Romans and that Israel should take its rightful place as a kingdom again.
That God will re-claim the Jews as His people.
3.) According to Luke 24:39-43, what two things did Jesus do to prove to His disciples who He really was?
He ate food and declared Himself Lord.
He spoke to them and offered His body.
He offered His body to be handled and He ate physical food.
He came through the wall of their room and spoke to them.
Luke 24:39-43
4.) Which of the following is NOT another name for Pentecost?
Feast of Harvest
Feast of Firstfruits
The Fiftieth Day
Leviticus 23