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Bible Quiz: Jesus' Baptism

With this Bible quiz, you can test your knowledge of the story of the baptism of Jesus Christ.

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This quiz has been taken 5441 times, with an average score of 58.4%

1.) John would prepare the way of the Lord, according to which prophet?
Matthew 3:3
2.) Where did John preach?
the wilderness of Bethabara
Mark 1:4
3.) What was John's main message?
loving one's neighbor
repentance & baptism
the evils of idolatry
the fruits of the Spirit
Mark 1:4
4.) What was John's clothing made of?
rabbit skins
camel hair
eagle feathers
Matthew 3:4
5.) What was John's diet?
leavened bread and lamb
dove and barley
locusts and honey
meal and berries
Matthew 3:4
6.) What did John call the Pharisees and Sadducees who came to watch him baptize people?
blessed assembly
teachers of holiness
generation of vipers
procurers of evil
Matthew 3:7
7.) What did John say about the man who would come after him?
John was unworthy of the man
the man would be an affirmation of John's teachings
the man would replace John
John would baptize the man
Mark 1:7
8.) Who did the people think John was?
a blasphemer
the Christ
Luke 3:15
9.) What is one of the primary purposes of baptism?
to show our superiority to others
protection from temptation
remission of sins
to gain more faith
Luke 3:3
10.) John said he baptized with water, and that Jesus Christ would baptize with:
His word
fire and the Holy Ghost
the blessings of the priesthood
Luke 3:16
11.) Why was John confused when Jesus came to him to be baptized?
John felt unworthy to baptize the Savior
Jesus was perfect
John had not been baptized yet
Jesus had already been baptized
Matthew 3:14
12.) Why did Jesus need to be baptized?
He didn't have the priesthood
He needed to fulfill all righteousness
He had sinned
He needed more Godly power
Matthew 3:15
13.) By what method was Jesus baptized?
sprinkling water on the head
being washed with a wet cloth
drinking blessed water
being covered completely in water
Mark 1:10
14.) What form did the Spirit momentarily take following Jesus' baptism?
a wild ram
a dove
a lion
a lamb
Luke 3:22
15.) Whose voice could be heard from heaven following Jesus' baptism?
God the Father
Matthew 3:17
16.) What did the voice from heaven say after Jesus was baptized, according to the record of the apostle Matthew?
"Come forth, and be ye baptized."
"This is the Christ."
"Follow ye therefore this example, and do thou likewise."
"This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."
Matthew 3:17
17.) How was John related to Jesus?
Luke 1:36