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The Life of Daniel Bible Quiz (Part II)

Bible quiz about the life of Daniel (Part II)

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This quiz has been taken 330 times, with an average score of 51.86%

1.) When the king made a feast, why was God angry?
He mocked God during it
He was drunk from the gold from the temple
He was prideful of himself
He dedicated it to his gods
Daniel 5:1-3
2.) What did God send to judge the king?
A herald, who stabbed the king
An angel, convicting the king
A heavenly voice
A hand, writing on the wall
Daniel 5:5-6
3.) Because of the king's sin, which king took over?
King Cyrus
King Belshazzar
King Darius
King Nebuchadnezzar
Daniel 5:30-31
4.) Which law did the governers ask the king to make?
That God should never be worshiped again
That only the king be worshiped for a time
That their idols should only be worshiped
That everyone fasts to their idols for a time
Daniel 6:7-8
5.) What happened when Daniel disobeyed?
The king saw him, and told the governers
The gaurds saw him, and told the governers
The governers saw him, and told the king
The gaurds saw him, and told the king
Daniel 6:11-15
6.) What did God send to protect Daniel while in the lion's den?
An angel, to shut their mouths
His spirit, that the lions would not hurt
A sword, to protect himself
A heavenly voice
Daniel 6:21-24
7.) What did the king do to the governers?
Put them and their families in the lion's den
Whipped and banished them
Whipped them, and banished their families
Put them in the den of lions
Daniel 6:24-27