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The Life of Daniel Bible Quiz (Part I)

How well do you know Daniel from the Bible? Find out by taking this Bible quiz! (Part I)

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This quiz has been taken 1489 times, with an average score of 52.06%

1.) Where did Daniel come from?
Daniel 1:1-7
2.) Why did Daniel do better in studying than the other youths?
He knew more than any of them.
The king saw he was studying hard, and told him some of the answers.
He studied most of the time.
He was eating the Israelite diet.
Daniel 1:8-17
3.) Why was the king going to kill Daniel and the other wise men?
Because some of the wise men had lied to the king.
Because the wise men weren't able to show the king's dream.
Because Daniel hadn't fully done what the king asked him.
Because Daniel belived in God, not the idols.
Daniel 2:2-13
4.) When God showed Daniel the dream, and he told the king, what did the king do?
The king proclaimed him a god, and gave him gold and silver.
The king gave gifts, and let him return home.
The king made him ruler over Babylon.
The king made him commander of his army.
Daniel 2:46-49
5.) What did the king set up on the plain of Dura?
A tower dedicated to his gods.
A large, golden image of a man.
A palace for Daniel to live.
A summer palace for him and Daniel.
Daniel 3:1-3
6.) Where was Daniel when the herald told the people to bow to the image?
He was not there.
He was with some of the gaurds.
He was with the king by the image.
He was in charge of the furnace.
Daniel 3-4
7.) When the king was prideful of himself, what did God do to him?
Made him get badly sick for a time.
Had his army defeated in battle.
Had a famine sweep through the land.
Made him eat grass as a beast, and lose control of his mind.
Daniel 4:30-33