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Bible Quiz: Joseph in Egypt (Normal Difficulty)

Test your knowledge on the story of Joseph in Egypt.

Print this quiz and the answers.
This quiz has been taken 20945 times, with an average score of 53.4%

1.) Who was Joseph's father?
Jacob (Israel)
Genesis 37:3
2.) How many brothers did Joseph have?
Genesis 35:22-26
3.) What gift did Joseph's father give to him?
A sling
A horse
A harp
A coat of many colors
Genesis 37:3
4.) Why did Joseph's brothers hate him?
Joseph was smarter than them
Their father loved Joseph most
Joseph was rude to them
They hated his mother, Rachel
Genesis 37:4
5.) What was the recurring theme in Joseph's dreams?
Egypt would go into famine
Joseph would one day be hated by all
Joseph's family would bow down to him
Joseph's brothers would be killed
Genesis 37:5-11
6.) Which of Joseph's brothers convinced the others to not kill Joseph?
Genesis 37:21
7.) Instead of killing Joseph, his brothers _____________.
stoned him
tied him to a tree
threw him in a pit
broke his legs
Genesis 37:24
8.) At what price did the merchantmen buy Joseph from his brothers?
10 pieces of gold
20 pieces of silver
7 rubies
40 pieces of copper
Genesis 37:28
9.) Who bought Joseph from the merchantmen?
Joseph; he bought his own freedom
Genesis 39:1
10.) What office did Joseph hold in Potiphar's household?
Money keeper
Overseer of the house
Genesis 39:4
11.) Who lusted after Joseph?
Potiphar's maidservant
Pharaoh's wife
Potiphar's wife
A harlot
Genesis 39:7
12.) Why did Joseph get thrown in prison?
One of Potiphar's servants told Potiphar that Joseph stole gold from his treasury
Potiphar's wife convinced Potiphar that Joseph tried to lie with her
Joseph refused to bow to the Pharaoh
Joseph killed an Egyptian soldier in the defense of a servant
Genesis 39:13-20
13.) What did Joseph become well known for in prison?
Serving the other prisoners
Telling stories
Interpreting dreams
Predicting the future
Genesis 41:12
14.) The _________ was restored to his office and the _________ was hanged.
Butler; tailor
Baker; Butler
Butler; baker
Tailor; baker
Genesis 40:21-22
15.) What was the meaning of Pharaoh's dreams?
Seven nations would bond together to begin a new era
Seven years of war were about to begin
Seven of Joseph's brothers would come to live in Egypt
Seven years of preparation will precede seven years of famine
Genesis 41:29-30
16.) What food item did people from many countries travel to Egypt to buy?
Genesis 41:57
17.) Which of Joseph's brothers in Egypt was not allowed by Jacob to travel to Egypt with the rest of his brothers?
Genesis 42:4
18.) When Joseph's brothers first came to Egypt, Joseph:
invited them to a feast.
ordered that they be killed.
rejoiced and sang aloud.
threw them in prison.
Genesis 42:16-17
19.) Which brother offered himself as a replacement for Benjamin to be taken captive in Egypt in order to spare their father?
Genesis 44:18-33
20.) When Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, how did he treat them?
He was angry at them all
He was overjoyed
He chastised them, but let them go free
He threw all of them but Benjamin in prison
Genesis 45:14-15
21.) What are the names of Joseph's sons?
Simeon & Reuben
Jacob & Benjamin
Manasseh & Ephraim
Abraham & Isaac
Genesis 46:20